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Orphan Care

World Children's Fund is committed to supporting orphans and vulnerable children around the globe. From the continents of Asia and Africa to the countries of the former Soviet Union- Our objective is to ease the suffering of homeless and abandoned children. We believe every child, everywhere, should have love, shelter and protection.

LOCATION: Ukraine and Western Europe

IMPACT AREA: Orphan Care, Education, Medical, Shelter, And Emergency Food Aid for displaced Ukrainian families


Courageous and Grateful Children Express Their Thanks

Generous supporters like you have made it possible to provide:

Evacuation of children living in WCF supported orphan centres

Evacuation of their adult caregivers

Ongoing financial support in Ukraine and for children relocated to bordering countries in Western Europe

Temporary placements and shelter

Food provisions, prepared meals and snacks

Health Care and Medical services

Ongoing education and learning opportunities

Passenger Vehicles purchased in western Europe to transport groups of children

Ground teams to assimilate and disburse emergency food kits and supplies to displaced Ukrainian Families


Holding on to Hope

Teams mobilize to reach Ukrainian families in desperate need of emergency food aid and supplies

“This war is a nightmare for these children who have already endured more trauma than one should have to confront in a lifetime. We are committed to these children and Ukrainian families who are struggling to survive. We will continue to provide aid and support during this crisis.”

— Ruth Lam Kendrick, WCF International VP


The compound is a vast juxtaposition from the slums of Nairobi. Located in the Kenya suburb of Langata, it is peaceful and filled with shade trees. It is full of joy, play areas and swings. The orphans and vulnerable children living at the center have access to education in the adjacent primary school. They also thrive because of the daily nutritional meals, medical treatment and the love of the house "mums" who care for them each day.

World Children's Fund supports these children and many others in Ukraine through its network of orphanages and family homes filled with more than 1200 children. "Our ultimate goal is to prepare these kids to live successfully in an permanent family," said programme director, Slavik. New children admitted into the WCF programme first go to a seaside location for camp. The staff assesses each child's strengths and weaknesses, determines if abuse has occurred and begins building trust through sports, art and spending time together.

Children are often living without adults because they have no one to move in with after the death of their parents. In many cases, children do not want to be separated from their siblings so they will continue trying to survive together. They have no supervision. They are vulnerable. Many also drop out of school and are forced into exploitative and dangerous work for their survival.