LOCATION: Ukraine and Western Europe

IMPACT AREA: Orphan Care, Education, Medical, Shelter, And Emergency Food Aid for displaced Ukrainian families


Courageous and Grateful Children Express Their Thanks

Generous supporters like you have made it possible to provide:

Evacuation of children living in WCF supported orphan centres

Evacuation of their adult caregivers

Ongoing financial support in Ukraine and for children relocated to bordering countries in Western Europe

Temporary placements and shelter

Food provisions, prepared meals and snacks

Health Care and Medical services

Ongoing education and learning opportunities

Passenger Vehicles purchased in western Europe to transport groups of children

Ground teams to assimilate and disburse emergency food kits and supplies to displaced Ukrainian Families


Holding on to Hope

Teams mobilize to reach Ukrainian families in desperate need of emergency food aid and supplies

“This war is a nightmare for these children who have already endured more trauma than one should have to confront in a lifetime. We are committed to these children and Ukrainian families who are struggling to survive. We will continue to provide aid and support during this crisis.”

— Ruth Lam Kendrick, WCF International VP