Phuket, Thailand

Feeding, Education, Housing


Inspiring Children to Create Ambitious Goals

Generous supporters like you have made it possible to provide:

Pre-school education and early learning

Nutritious meals in an educational setting

Nurse and sick bay on campus

Wellness and safety of children, support and food aid

Scholarship and support for primary grades

Scholarship and support for high school

Scholarship and support for university or vocational training

School uniforms and supplies

Safe house for abused and victimized children

Life Skills Training and workshops throughout educational journey

Construction of classrooms, activity rooms, dining and kitchen facilities

Jobs for local staff and teachers at the learning centre

Jobs for Local Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Staff

Jobs for local administrative staff

Jobs for mentors who provide management of scholarship students


Learning in a passionate and nurturing environment

Children think big

“These children come from primitive living environments. They don’t have the chance to learn necessary skills at home.”

— Roelien Muller, WCF Asia Liaison and Director of the Programme