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Community Development

World Children's Fund is committed to programmes that provide buildings, water, sanitation and other critical systems to vulnerable populations around the world. Our missions include building schools, medical clinics, creating fresh water sources for isolated villages, providing hygiene education and continually working with local communities to identify needs and develop sustainable plans to improve and save lives in vulnerable communities.

The lack of infrastructure in developing countries is more than just an inconvenience. For the poor, it is a daily hardship that translates into reduced access to basics like healthcare and education. World Children's Fund has provided financial support around the globe to construct and operate medical clinics and build schools in countries like Uganda, the Philippines, Zambia, Kenya and Liberia.

In Liberia, WCF sponsors the on-going operations of a pre-natal clinic and well baby clinic and also a birthing center. World Children's fund also provides financial support for on-going operations for a medical clinic in Kenya that provides health care for poor and marginalized children and families.

Thanks to our committed partners and donors, we are able to support projects and programmes that build communities and bring hope to struggling villages and people.

When disaster strikes around the world, we mobilize commodity shipments filled with emergency food, water, shelter, clothing and medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. World Children's Fund has rushed supplies to families and children around the globe who are victims of tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wars and civil conflict. Our missions are aimed at improving the quality of life for vulnerable groups, including refugees, displaced persons and children orphaned through disasters and civil strife.


At World Children's Fund, we support both long-term and immediate intervention to meet the health care needs of orphans, vulnerable children and families. Since our inception, we have fed thousands of hungry children through our life-saving nutritional feeding programmes located in the poorest corners of the world. WCF also supports projects that provide maternal and child health care services, as well as community based health care to serve those living in impoverished geographic areas that would otherwise go without access to medical treatment.

Many of our programmes provide meals to vulnerable children in educational settings. Receiving food while at school helps to eradicate hunger and promotes school enrollment and retention. It also eliminates the need for vulnerable and orphaned children to beg on the streets to survive. Other WCF supported programmes target children living in slum areas. An estimated one billion people worldwide live in slums. By 2030, the number is expected to increase to two billion people. Slums are filled with disease, refuse and unsanitary conditions like animal and human waste. They are also overflowing with very hungry children.

World Children's Fund supports nutritional feeding programmes that provide one meal a day for thousands of children living in slums who are relegated to a life of poverty.

Your generosity is filling bellies and saving lives.

According to the World Health Organization, transmission rates are as high as 45%. In addition to inheriting a life-threatening illness, many of these same children become orphans. An estimated 17 million children have lost one or both parents because of HIV/AIDS. World Children's fund intervenes in the plight of orphans innocently affected with HIV to assure food security, shelter, access to medical care, education, economic opportunity and to shield these blameless children from discrimination and exploitation.

At World Children's Fund, we believe every child deserves a chance at life.

World Children's Fund is committed to supporting orphans and vulnerable children around the globe. From the continents of Asia and Africa to the countries of the former Soviet Union- Our objective is to ease the suffering of homeless and abandoned children. We believe every child, everywhere, should have love, shelter and protection.